Keiki’s Art of Colour encompasses an apprenticeship with one of Japan’s foremost oil painters, Nishihiro Seiyo Fujita at his studio “Ichi Rin Sai” in Kyoto, Japan. Master Fujita developed a singularly unique technique and kimono painting style using traditional materials that he called “Musen Yuzen”.

Keiki studied Textile Art/Design and graduated in Graphic Design from UC Davis.                She received further certification in color psychology and metaphysics from the Color Research Institute in San Francisco, as well as special training at the Mendocino Art Center studying various painting and printing methods.

Inspiration for Keiki’s creations stem from many facets of life; people, animals and Nature. Blending the strict traditional values with those of new, free and experimental ones gives Keiki’s work unmistakably recognizable appearance, depth and feeling.

She begins with white fabric and the finest materials available. She uses dry powders (from the original dye-stuffs/brush supplier,“Tokuda” in Kyoto), which transform into a very rich, broad palette of dye-colors. Under her fine brush, keen eye and experienced hand, the dyes blend, interact, flow and dance upon the fine textured silks, georgettes, velvets, etc. creating magical fields and patterns of color, design and texture.

Keiki gets and gives so much into the flow of creation that she feels the need to name each piece individually, according to the mode of the inspiration and to what the piece represents e.g. “Transformation”, “Beauty & Grace”, “Sweep of Change”, “Golden Harvest” “Sacred Ground”, “Rock Richness”, or “Ocean Depths”. . . The fabrics are steamed, dyes set, washed, hung by hand to dry and gently steam ironed.

At this stage, some of the pieces are framed, displayed in living space or suspended freely to enhance home architecture, or for corporate and commercial environments, while other pieces she further enriches with gold leaf, silver dust or antique French metal ornamental applique. Fabrics for clothing and interiors are adorned with wood-lino block print designs embossed onto the fabrics then transformed to the most unique, individually hand created Art to Wear. Many recipients express that wearing a Colourdance piece carries spirit and that they feel happy.

Keiki’s artworks among many, are appreciated by the late Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Rhonstadt, Whoopi Goldberg, Marilu Henner, Sela Ward, Robert Plant of Led Zepplin, Nobu McCarthy... Her work has been shown and sold in boutiques and galleries in some of the most prestigious department stores (such as Obiko, Neiman Marcus, Fellissimo, Place, Asian Art Museum) throughout the United States and Japan. Keiki has also given and gives lectures, visual presentations, and trunk shows at numerous locations including the College of Marin, Haute Couture Societe, Modesto, Claremont Resort, Berkeley, Temari Art Center, Hawaii... at her studio in Berkeley and at private homes of Art/Fashion appreciators.

Keiki strives to communicate her feelings - her emotions of joy of life and the wonderment about Nature. Through the world of color, she is able to share her vision of diversity flowing into one inter-connected, symbiotic world.


Keiki Fujita

From Eastern tradition and Western education have evolved Keiki Fujita’s

unique perceptions of style, colour and texture of her Textile and Multi-Media Art. Keiki’s creations include one-of-a-kind silk clothing, accessories and interior art.

“Leaves of Gold”, butterfly top, painted crinkle silk, model: Noriko, photo: Alex Eidlin

Keiki in Studio, photo: Yuko Fukami